Undersea Exploring
Saturday, October 22nd @ 10:00 am
Presented by Andrew March, Lincoln Laboratory

We know less about what lies beneath the ocean’s surface than we know about the surface of the Moon or Mars. A big reason for that is that light gets absorbed really quickly in water, so we can only see very short distances in water. In fact, there is almost no light at all even at a few hundred feet below the surface!

This Science on Saturday will explain how sound and robots are used to explore the ocean. We will explain what sound is, and why it’s better to explore the ocean with sound rather than light. We will show a simple sonar and its components. Learn how to build a simple remotely operated vehicle that can explore the water. Next, we'll head outside where you can gather around a testing tank to watch a real underwater vehicle explore our tank all by itself!

This will be a live, in-person event! Register at the link below. Limited seating.

This event has a lecture in the Auditorium and a demonstration outside.

We cannot feature both portions of this event on zoom, therefore this event is only offered in person. Future Science on Saturday presentations taking place only in the Auditorium may be offered both live and virtually. Thank you for your understanding.

In-Person Attendance:   Click here to register for event

All local community children aged 5-17 years old, their parents, and their teachers are welcome to attend these events. No registration is required to attend virtually. Simply join us using the zoom link found below. Pre-registration is required for in-person attendance. Parental/adult escort is required for all children. Electronic devices are not allowed in the facility. Adults must present a valid government-issued photo I.D. Children under the age of 5 are not admitted as this is an educational event for children 5-17 years old.

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Science on Saturday Coordinator:  Chiamaka Agbasi-Porter