Science on Saturday events are fun, free science demonstrations at Lincoln Laboratory and are given several times each school year by volunteer scientists and engineers. All local community children aged 5-17 years old, their parents, and their teachers are welcome to attend these events.
Pre-registration is required. Parental/adult escort is required for all children. Electronic devices are not allowed in the facility. Adults must present a valid government-issued photo I.D. Children under the age of 5 are not admitted as this is an educational event for children 5-17 years old.
For directions to Lincoln Laboratory, please see the Map and Driving Directions page.

As you are certainly aware, organizations, companies and academic institutions are taking appropriate precautions and implementing protocols to reduce the risk of COVID-19 or coronavirus to the community. As such, MIT Lincoln Laboratory has implemented near-term enhancements and preventative measures that will remain in effect for the next few months.

Accordingly, we are cancelling the 4 April Science on Saturday demonstration.

We plan to resume this event in October 2020.

Thank you for your understanding.


Our Amazing Atmosphere & Its Gases - CANCELLED

Presented by Jude Kelley, Lincoln Laboratory

The Earth's atmosphere is a (relatively) thin layer of gas that is immensely important to life on our planet. The atmosphere is full of invisible gases that: protect us from meteors, shield us from ultraviolet radiation, regulate the outside temperature, are used by plants to make the food we eat, and are even used to release energy from the food we eat. 

Come learn about the different gases that make up the atmosphere and the roles they play. See how blocks of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) can be used to create dense fog. Check out the amazing ability of supercooled liquid nitrogen to freeze things, and watch cryogenically cooled superconductors make magnets levitate in mid-air!













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