Science on Saturday events are fun, free science demonstrations at Lincoln Laboratory and are given several times each school year by volunteer scientists and engineers. All local community children aged 5-17 years old, their parents, and their teachers are welcome to attend these events.

Curious about COVID

Saturday, Dec. 12, 10:00 a.m.

Presented by Alan Hsu and Larry Candell, Lincoln Laboratory

PART 1: Wide-area fever screening

To make sure you are not sick and you can attend school, you currently have to stop and have someone take your temperature. But what if you could just walk into school like normal without stopping for a temperature check?  To answer that question, we created a digital imaging system that ‘sees’ the body temperature of crowds of people as they as walk by uninterrupted. This system is currently running at Lincoln Laboratory as part of our COVID-19 screening effort.  We’ll describe how this system works and how we built a working prototype so quickly.

PART 2: Become a junior epidemiologist

You’ve probably heard all sorts of confusing terms about coronavirus over the past 10 months: quarantine, contact tracing, super-spreader, exponential growth, herd immunity, isolation, protect the vulnerable, flatten the curve. What do all these mean?  We'll talk about these concepts and you can play an online game to help you understand how it all works. You’ll be talking like Dr. Fauci in no time!

We are now offering Science on Saturday demonstrations in a virtual format, so there's no need to register! Tune in to join the fun!

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